Igor Paskual Talks About His Musicial Journey During Covid-19

Spanish Rock Musician Igor Paskual

For those in the arts, the pandemic has been especially cruel. In Spain, as elsewhere, musicians are struggling to adapt to the loss of live concert opportunities. Igor Paskual, one of Spain’s popular rock and roll musicians, talks about how he is coping with the challenges the pandemic has created.

Please describe the changes you’ve experienced since the pandemic arrived in Spain.

I normally work from home, so I am used to that. However, I did have to learn to have a daily routine, something that I hadn’t experienced in a…

How Composer Mario Vinuela is Adapting to the Crisis in Spain

The view from Mario’s studio.

Mario is a 38-year-old composer living in Gijon, a city in the north of Spain. He runs a recording studio with his wife, Elena. They develop audiovisual projects such as audio books, soundtracks, video production, and give classes in voiceover and dubbing. Currently, he is living through the pandemic in Spain by combining his life in the studio with life at home.

“Since March, I have only left my place three times and it has been for work. I miss traveling (especially Berlin and Rome), but I understand that…

In a Place Hard Hit by the Pandemic, A Native Woman Fights for Her People’s Survival and Her Own

The View From Ruth’s Window

Her name is Cankudutawin, Scarlet Way. Her English name is Ruth. She lives with her family on Dakota Treaty lands on the Lake Traverse Reservation in northeastern South Dakota, a state that never issued a shelter in place order. Her Tribe, however, issued a mask mandate, social distancing measures, and travel restrictions. Ruth only travels for essential reasons.

Like Native People across the country, Ruth’s have been especially hard hit by the pandemic. Although her life is full from sunrise to sunset, Ruth graciously shared her time and thoughts on pandemic living.

Routine and Discipline

I wake up with the…

How a Young Indian Woman is Navigating Life During India’s Covid19 Outbreak

Nandita’s Mount in Chennai, India

Nandita is almost 40 and single. She lives in Chennai, India, located in the south of the country.

“I live on a mount on the outskirts of the city and it is generally green compared to the steely grey of the concrete jungle of the city. But in the last few months I have noticed that the air around has become clearer and the mount looks more verdant and lush with vegetation. With the pollution levels down, it has had a healing effect on the environment.”

Nandita’s job…

Annemarie’s backyard. “It was hard to get this done in the beginning, with all the Covid 19 limitations.”

Annemarie is a 39-year-old Dutch woman who is back in the Netherlands after having lived in the U.S. for six years. She teaches fourth grade, is on the management team of her school, and is also a ‘leermonitor’ (learning monitor). A single mom to two boys, aged 11 and 15, Annemarie says she has rheumatoid arthritis, which places her at high risk of contracting Covid 19 because she takes immune system suppress medications, which lower her immune system. Luckily, she has a good support system.

“I have an awesome boyfriend who has two kids, too,” she explained..

Recently, Annemarie and…

How Mary Trump’s book, a song, and a walk is giving me hope

A Sign in a Yard on My Morning Walk

The heat near Chicago broke today. Embracing the change, I grabbed my phone and ear buds, and headed out on a long walk. Hitting play on my Spotify app, a song popped up on my playlist that I didn’t recognize: “This Will Be Our Year,” by the the 1960s English band The Zombies. It’s a sweet song about love and hope.

I took it as a sign.

As I listened to the simple words, I felt spontaneous joy. A joy that followed me down familiar streets, past…

The View From Jaell’s Window

Jaell is a 66-year-old translator & interpreter, living in Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil. She describes herself as a hard worker. Besides translating and interpreting, she also coaches executives, teaches translators-to-be, and runs her own 40-year-old business, Traducenter. Jaell was also one of the first people I interviewed for Talking to the World. Although she is a very busy person, she graciously agreed to be interviewed for The Pandemic Project.

I am so very grateful.

(As I write this, Brazil and the United States are currently barred from entering the European Union because of both country’s high coronavirus infection…

A Pandemic Update from Sarah in Scotland Since the Death of George Floyd

The Sky Over Sarah’s House in Scotland

Tonight, as usual, I sit and watch the TV news. My daughter is on the floor cutting out paper for a home-made version of Cards Against Humanity and my husband is settled into his favourite armchair. The rain trickles down the windows and, on the screen, cheering protestors tip the bronze statue of a slave trader into a river.

These days, for the sake of my mental health and that of those around me, I limit my exposure to the news. Earlier in lockdown, I was in…

How an Italian Man is Navigating Life During the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020

The View From Marco’s Window

His name is Marco. He is 65 years old and lives in the northeastern part of Italy, near Austria.

Marco is a teacher. In normal times his daily life spins around three centers: his job, his family, and some sport. Before the pandemic, he took his daughter to school, went to work, came back home and maybe took his daughter to the gym or something else. Then he spent the evening at home.

Because he is very interested in international news, Marco visits the daily websites of…

Thoughts on life during coronavirus from a windowless room in Quezon City

Somewhere in Quezon City, Phillipines

This is not Mai’s window. This is not her apartment. But it could be.

Right now, Mai is living and working in a windowless room in Quezon City, Phillipines with her parents. She has been there since March 15 when her country issued stay at home orders. Although I asked her, Mai chose not to share a photo of current windowless quarters. I respect that.

Mai is thirty-nine years old. She writes and plays music in a band.

Here are her thoughts on living through the coronavirus pandemic:

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Editor of Present Tense and Talking to the World. Author, blogger, novelist. Would rather be living in Iceland.

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